599 >>509 please add pictures!
600 >>599 I want to do a re-implementation of this entire site. It is going to take a while to get feature parity. Adding new features will be easier then.
620 >>600 when you do get around to that, please include rss support
621 >>620 Of course.
601 >>0 Early in the morning a man looks down from a mountain he never remembers climbing.
622 >>601 Early in the monring a man looks down at a penis he doesn't remember sucking.
645 >>622 A big black one to be specific
606 >>601 Im 601. Not a very good story teller,but i think story telling could be fun with this website design.Any poster can continue off any post with their own story.
607 >>606 Making bad story tellers less bad/noticeable.The reader could just chose the path they find entertaining.The low char limit is perfect for this.uHav2thinkB4post
608 >>607 I love what you have done here.
642 >>608 Me too
604 >>601 The man remembers he's actually on DMT so he seriously just tries to chill out dude.
602 >>601 The man sees nothing but fog. The fog, his hill, and the morning sun. As the fog disintegrates in the sun, the man glimpses the tops of a few trees.
603 >>602 After letting the fog recede further, the man surveys what he can see. He finds paths leading down in each cardinal direction along with a Tombstone marked "0".
644 >>603 The man decides to dig up the land that lays in front of the Tombstone. His nails chip. The sun is overhead. The hole reaches his calf. He rests beneath a tree.
605 >>603 Deciding to head east, the man begins his trek early, to beat the afternoon heat. Where will his journey take him? Where is he? Will this path hold answers or ?
643 >>605 Grass obscures the path as he descends upon a deep green valley, punctuated by poppies. His eyes catch theirs. A gentle stream glistens.
609 >>0 ur bord a shet
636 >>609 no u
610 >>609 You are cordially invited to improve it.
637 >>610 C = autistic's language.
638 >>637 Great. I'm looking forward to your contributions.
647 >>638 My semen is the biggest contribution you could have
648 >>647 I was hoping for something more substantial.
611 >>571 OMG, this doesn't even have post dates... writing this on 2018-01-17. having noticed something, does the color of leaves reflect the date they were posted?
612 >>611 Yes. The posts fade with time.
613 >>612 Need an indication of how fast the posts fade for a one-time visitor.
614 >>613 Maybe not a bad idea. Currently they fade linearly for a year.
615 >>0 benis
623 >>615 bepis
639 >>623 im 12 and what is this
618 >>615 stop being gay
616 >>615 sup benis its wenis how you been tho?
617 >>616 same old same old crammed up in work Wanna hang out some time?
627 >>617 What's the deal with Jerry Springer?!
625 >>617 Springer was born in the London Underground station of Highgate while the station was in use as a shelter from German bombing during World War II,[3][4] and gre
626 >>625 Springer was born in the London Underground station of Highgate while the station was in use as a shelter from German bombing during World War II,[3][4] and grew up on Chandos Road, East Finchley. His parents, Margot (née Kallmann; a bank clerk) and Richard Springer (owner of a shoe shop), were Jewish refugees who escaped from Landsberg an der Warthe, Germany (now Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland).[5][6][7] His maternal grandmother Marie Kallmann, who was left behind, died in the gas trucks of Chełmno extermination camp (German occupied Poland). His paternal grandmother, Selma Springer (née Elkeles), died at the hospital in the Theresienstadt concentration camp (German occupied Czechoslovakia). Selma Springer's brother, Dr. Hermann Elkeles, was a renowned Berlin doctor who also died at Theresienstadt concentration camp.[8] In January 1949, Springer emigrated with his parents to the United States, settling in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York, and attended Forest Hills High School. One of his earliest memories about current events was when he was 12 and watching the 1956 Democratic National Convention on television where he saw and was impressed by John F. Kennedy.[9]
619 >>0 tahts bahd
624 >>3 sacktus
628 >>551 No one knows what it means. But it's provocative.
631 >>628 gtfo kanye
629 >>628 That explains a lot. But it must have meant something to someone once.
630 >>476 here Fri 9040 Sep 17:06:04 ACST 1993
632 >>244 i'm not trusting this server until i get a user account with read-only access to everything that i can SSH into :^)
634 >>632 If you want ssh access, send me a mail.
633 >>632 That would open the door to a DoS attack. And you still couldn't be sure that you aren't chrooted. The only way to be sure is to set up your own server.
635 >>593 I'll share this with my tilde friends.
640 >>214 no
641 >>640 yes
646 >>641 maybe?

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